There are many ways to serve in the life of the church.  An important aspect of our discipleship process is worship and while music is a well-known opportunity to share musical talent, there are many other gifts to share in worship.  The role of the FUMC Worship Committee is to provide the resources and support that enhance all worship services as we celebrate God’s claim on our lives as beloved children of God and build up the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Not Your Mother’s Altar Guild
The Altar Guild contributes to our worship, celebrating God’s claim on our lives, by preparing the physical areas of the sanctuary and chancel for meaningful worship. 

Spiritual Gifts found in those helping: Service, Hospitality, Helps

Contact Anne Castle, 512.863.4843 for more information or to join.

Ushers share God's grace by providing a warm welcome and assistance to all persons attending worship. They greet each worshipper, whether a guest or longtime member, with a pleasant smile and warm welcome to put each one in the right frame of mind to receive God's message and give them a sense of belonging.  They ensure each person who enters finds a seat and is given a worship guide for the service; they collect the offering, thwy provide usher guidance during Communion and thwy support the minister(s) in whatever way is needed before, during and after the service.  Ushers serve Sunday mornings during any of the three worship services and occasionally during special services of Advent/Christmas or Lent/Easter.  Teams of ushers rotate during the month under a lead usher.

Spiritual Gifts found in those helping here: Hospitality, Desire to Serve

Passion and Gifts Helpful: Caring attitude, greeting and speaking to people; remembering names, observation before and during the service to see if people need a seat, need extra chairs or need Communion delivered to them at their seat.

Karen Anders, 512.868.7103 or Rita Handley, 512.751.9686

Acolytes/Worship Assistants
The role of the Acolyte Ministry and the Confirmand Worship Assistants is to give children and confirmation students the opportunity to serve their church and others as a way of growing in their discipleship journey. They light the altar candles at the beginning of worship and extinguish them at the end of worship.  They assist during communion by ensuring the communion servers are well provided with bread and wine.  They distribute the offering plates to the ushers during communion and accompany the minister out of the worship space at the end of the service.  Acolytes are typically 3rd-6th graders and Worship Assistants are Confirmands or high school students.  Training will be provided.  Participate in the 11:00 AM worship on Sundays.

Spiritual Gifts found in those helping: Helps

Carolyn Browning, 512.515.6801 for 8:30 AM Worship Assistants
Karen Greene, 512.864.4068 for 11:00 AM acolytes 

    Scripture Readers
    The role of the lay scripture reader is to provide the laity with the opportunity to serve and share God's grace by proclaiming God's Word in worship.  Introduce the scripture reading slowly and provide the page number in the Bible.  Allow the congregation to locate the scripture reading before beginning to read.  Read the scripture in an engaging and educational manner.  Participate in worship on Sundays.

8:30 AM  Carolyn Browning, 512.515.6801 for 8:30 AM
11:00 AM Lisa McGuire, 512.931.2332 for 11:00 AM

    Communion Stewards and Servers
    Communion Stewards prepare the elements of Holy Communion that are used in celebrating and experience anew God's claim on our lives as beloved children of God.  

Anne Castle, 512.863.4843 for information or to become a Communion Steward

Communion Servers serve Holy Communion during the service through we celebrate and re-experience God's claim on our lives as beloved children of God. 

Barb Twyford, 512.863.3935 about 8:30 AM
Debby Acevedo, 512.863.8304 about 11:00 AM
    Liturgical Arts
    The members of the Liturgical Arts Committee share God’s grace by working with other creative people to visually interpret the seasons and observances of the church and, at times, to focus on the sermons within those seasons.  They enhance the worship space in the McKinney Christian Ministry Center by creating seasonally appropriate altar décor and banners that invite a more meaningful setting with the Lord and help prepare worshipers to be in His presence. 

Spiritual Gifts found in those helping: Service

Passion and Gifts Helpful:  Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Seamstresses, Embroiderers.

Contact Camille Harmon, 512.868.3803

Help people sign up to donate flowers for worship altars and obtain dedications for the worship guide.  Check the flower calendar weekly and communicate between the florist and donors.

Spiritual Gifts found in those helping: Helps, Worship

Passion and Gifts Helpful: Communication

Contact Pam Holub, 512.819.0156

Audio/Visual Technicians
Serve God in an exciting and dynamic way as a light/soundboard operator or a camera/video operator. Bring your  desire to help amplify God’s love for His people in our worship services.  In this role, you will help create the worship setting for those who are worshiping. Anyone (15yrs old +) is welcome and training will be provided.  Serve on Sunday mornings at any of the three services and occasionally during the year during special events or services during Advent/Christmas or Lent/Easter. 

Passions or Skills Found: Propensity for audio/visual technical details

Contact: Communications