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At First United Methodist Church of Georgetown, we embrace the belief that every person is a beloved child of God. Following Christ's teachings, we strive to embody love, grace, and mercy in our community. While we acknowledge our imperfections, we unite in a spirit of support and encouragement, valuing our relationships and sharing God's grace. We focus on three key ministry areas to guide our goals and resource allocation.

Our Beliefs

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Children, Students, and Families: We have reimagined our approach to teaching by intentionally creating space for children and students to draw conclusions and arrive at new understandings. This means we do not provide set answers but offer context and guidance to help the teachings of scripture become more real in each child or student’s own life. Our focus is to help each child and student build a foundation in faith that will continue to be developed throughout their lives. We support our families with resources and opportunities to share this journey with their children and students, including at-home activities, with suggested guidelines and materials.


Senior Adults:  We celebrate Georgetown as a vibrant retirement community. We value the unique gifts our senior adults offer and intentionally seek ways to leverage their wisdom and employ their skills in creative ways across our ministries. We also understand the challenges of aging and provide numerous ministries to support and care for senior adults.


Missions and Outreach: We have long been a community leader and partner in helping to alleviate the needs of those in crisis and living at the margins of society. Our outreach efforts mirror our other focus areas in that we have a multi-faceted initiative geared towards assisting children and students in reaching their academic potential. This initiative involves several GISD campuses and works with partnerships to address obstacles, build relationships, and support the overall growth of children and students. We also provide financial support and volunteer resources for non-profits who support senior adults, such as Meals on Wheels, Faith in Action, the Wesleyan Homes, and other valued partners.


As United Methodists, we believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We also hold Scripture to be a guiding source of understanding in our faith, alongside the traditions we honor, the experiences we individually hold, and the gift of reason we have each been granted. While our belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is essential, we are open to a variety of perspectives beyond this core belief. We do not all think alike or interpret the Bible in identical ways, which is to be celebrated. This openness allows us to explore our faith, to listen deeply, to weigh for ourselves what we come to believe as we make our faith truly our faith.


A great resource for learning more about The United Methodist Church is this website:

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