Preteen Mission Experience


This is a story by Kevin Gregory, about our 5th and 6th Graders on a mission!

This is published in The First Edition, September 2015 issue, Cover Story


On the evening of August 7, ten of our preteens gathered in the Youth House for a weekend of fun, fellowship, prayer, and mission for our annual Preteen Mission Experience. This weekend is designed to be sort of a gateway for the preteens into youth ministry and an example of what a mission trip is like. We played games and had fun on Friday night before settling into a time devoted to prayer as has been our church-wide focus this summer. We went through a number of prayer stations but as a group really wanted to focus on being in prayer for Williams Elementary and the students there. 

Our mission work for the weekend was to purchase a full set of school supplies for a student in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.


Each preteen had a list of supplies for a student in each of those grades and shopped for one student and were able to see how much it actually costs as well as to have the experience of buying school supplies personal. As we prayed and were in prayer all weekend for Williams Elementary it was awesome to be at Walmart and to see how excited each kid was to be shopping and to know that we were bringing about the kingdom of God and being an answer to prayer for students who need the supplies we purchased. 
Following our excursion to Walmart the students constructed these really fun and awesome looking towers from some of the school supplies we had purchased that are going to be displayed in all worship services on the 23rd.


Afterward we journeyed to the Landreth’s house for a cookout and pool party! It was such a blessing to be a part of such an amazing weekend of fun and fellowship and to help participate in a meaningful way in our partnership with Williams Elementary as we seek to be in relationship and community with our neighbors. I am so proud of our preteens and all the work they continue to do to build God’s kingdom!