G-Force: God's Love in Action

A story about Vacation Bible School

Published in The First Edition, July 2015 Issue


We welcomed 175 children to VBS this year!  What a joy it was to see all the little faces on the first day. The expressions ranged across various emotions: excitement, apprehension, curiosity, eagerness, fear, inquiry and happiness!  The music brought them in with an exciting beat and the words, “Unstoppable, unstoppable!”  And that’s what we experienced with God’s love this week: unstoppable, shining love!


Based on the scripture from Acts 17:28a, “In God we live, move and exist” each day was focused on a specific action related to having God in our life: Move, Act, Care, Follow and Share!  Preschool and Elementary School students through 5th grade were assigned to groups and leaders.  There were six groups of preschoolers: Scooters, Hoppers, Racers, Bicycles, Cars and Skaters.   There were seven groups of elementary school students: Bikers, Jumpers, Rock Climbers, Swimmers, Runners, Skiers and Surfers.   The children received a bible verse each day and their activities were focused on these actions of Move, Act, Care, Follow and Share!


They rotated through Scripture Zone, Mission Zone, Science Zone, Music Zone and enjoyed some playground and recreation time with snacks.  The week culminated in Water Day, with all of the stations/zones moved outside to enjoy the fresh air even more!


 We had many volunteers who have participated with VBS over the years, and we welcomed a number of new ones as well this year.  Fifty adult volunteers and 40 youth helpers shared their gifts and their love for children. 


Even before the week started, we were blessed with the gifts and talent of so many!  Builders Lee Haislip, Russ Parmley and Ron Baltrush constructed our elaborate backdrops and set for the daily opening and closing assembly.  Artists led by Camille Harmon prepared the decorations with paint, life-size cut-outs of people “in motion” and innovative mobiles involving slinkies and toy cars.  The soundboard was managed by Eric Browning, one of our student helpers with a talent for the technical and the Barlows helped to capture the action in photography throughout the week. The theme for this year was G-Force! God’s Love In Action!  You could see it everywhere.  The leadership and care from each of our helpers through their specific roles created an amazing surrounding that was shining with God’s love all week. 


To join this amazing ministry, please explore our Children's Ministry page or contact Dotty Culig at 512.863.2370.