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FUMC Disaster Relief

The Disaster Relief team at First United Methodist Church Georgetown is dedicated to providing critical support and assistance in the wake of emergencies. When disaster strikes, United Methodists have a long legacy of helping their neighbors and communities, and this team continues that tradition by offering aid, resources, and compassion to those affected. Through coordinated efforts and a spirit of service, they work tirelessly to bring relief and hope to those in need. See below to learn how we use our hands and feet to 'Live Out God's Love Everywhere We Go.'

For more Information or to Volunteer with the Disaster Relief teams, email or call (512) 863-2370. 


Do not self-deploy to disaster areas.

Hereford, TX

FUMC Georgetown sent a team to Hereford TX to assess damage to 43 homes which were flooded by a years worth of rain falling in just a few hours. Over 10 months, six teams worked over 1300 hours to help restore 11 homes to safer conditions and to uplift the spirits of those impacted by the flood.  Watch the video to see the latest updates from this mission!

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Message from Bishop Ruben Saenz

Hear Bishop Ruben Saenz as he expresses his thanks and gratitude towards FUMC's Disaster Relief teams in their unwavering effort and compassion for helping those in need. 

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Current Disasters

The FUMC Disaster Relief team is actively monitoring the current areas: 

-Conroe, TX
-Temple, TX


Previous Disaster Response Missions:

Oklahoma Flood, June 2019

Hurricane Harvey, Nov 2019

Florence TX, Ice Storm 2021

Granger TX, Tornado March 2022

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