What Worship Means to Me

This is a story of Rachel May, and of how she demonstrates God's claim of grace on her life.


This story is published in The First Edition, March 2016 issue.

This was my second year attending Midwinter Retreat. Last year was an eye-opening experience, and I was super excited about going back. Overall, this year was a really good experience. I made new friends within my small group and grew in community with our youth group. 

Yet, I was not impressed with the environment of worship. Growing up in the youth group, I have come to understand that worship is a time to be present with God, to open ourselves to God's grace and what it means to live God's ways. I value the calm, prayerful attitude before worship.

So, this year, when the people in control of the music in the chapel played dance music and started a conga line and the limbo, I was quite upset. Worship has always been one of my favorite things to do. So, when the "DJ" proceeded to say, "Let's get hyped in this joint," inviting all the students to scream and dance, our FUMC group didn't feel comfortable to participate. This wasn't worship to us. 

 I think this shows how much we, as a youth group, value worship. We want our worship to be God-oriented and God-focused. I realized that, while we can have fun in worship, that is not our purpose. Our purpose is to be present with God. I realized how happy it makes me to know that our church and youth group know how to worship. I wouldn't trade that for anything!

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we lead an intentional life of worship and prayer, claimed in God’s grace.  In our student discipleship process, our youth learn about our purpose as disciples and the importance of worship is deeply established through consistent practice.  We are blessed by gifts of generosity from our congregation to have the leadership and example of our Student Discipleship directors in place for our youth.  To learn more about this ministry, please contact Trevor Kennedy and Kenny Bray, co-Directors of Student Discipleship.