What He Does with 12


A story about our Junior High Mission Trip

Published in The First Edition, August 2015 Issue


The Junior High Mission Trip included twelve youth and two adult volunteers who accompanied Trevor Kennedy, Kevin Gregory and Amy Miller to Mineral Wells, Texas.  While they expected great things, what actually happened was awesome! There, they built a wheelchair ramp, finished a pain project for the host church and learned how to connect prayer with efforts to share God’s grace through action and ministry. 



It was just a three-day trip but it was an important learning experience for these 12-14year olds.  Eric Browning, one of the students who joined this mission trip as the "taper" shared that he learned we pray “Our Father who art in heaven…” because God is indeed everyone’s father and there is no one above Him. 

jr-high-mission-trip-eric.jpgEthan Bray, one of the Sr. High youth who attended as a volunteer expressed that you can learn a lot about yourself when working with younger children or students.  He also discovered that God will always give you the chance to fix your mistakes.    

Through prayer and faith in God, the team stepped up to correct paint issues on the very last night of their mission trip.  They overcame odds and exhaustion to redo their paint project and persevere towards a quality job for their host church, while maintaining a positive perspective.

Our parent volunteers who attended, Kenny Bray and Carrie Bradshaw, enjoyed getting to know the youth and working with them.  It’s clear that the this team experienced tremendous strides in terms of building relationships with each other and with our Lord and God. 

What a blessing they received while endeavoring to reach out and share their time and gifts in service for others.   That is what our gracious God can do with 12!  Generosity is a way of sharing God’s grace.


To learn more about our Student Ministry please contact Trevor Kennedy, Director of Student Discipleship.