The Redmond Bible Study

This is a story shared by Kyle Ford, of growing as a beloved child of God and as a disciple.

This is published in The First Edition, January 2016.



My name is Kyle Ford and I am currently attending Texas A&M University. I was fortunate to have been raised in Georgetown where I actively attended First United Methodist Church. Through church service, mission trips, One Now, and many other youth events at FUMC, I built up the foundation of my faith which I took to college.

Now that I am in college I have found a tightly knit community of friends whom I love and enjoy. I live in a house with 3 other boys and my best friend lives across the street  with 5 other boys. Our street is called "Redmond." Together we’re a very close community, constantly spending time and cooking for one another. We often go to concerts, play board games, go out to eat, and go to the movies as a group. However, I started to notice that Jesus wasn’t talked about that much within my group.

So a few months ago I decided to try and change that by starting a community Bible study. I had never led a Bible study before and was very nervous. I prayed constantly, asking for guidance, strength, and wisdom. I researched many good Bible study suggestions, quotes, activities, passages, discussion questions, etc.. and led the first session with the utmost confidence. I learned so much about my friends I had never known before and every one of them asked me to continue the studies.

We now actively attend a local church on Sundays and attend Breakaway, a student service on campus, on Tuesdays. We talk about Jesus a lot more and everyone has confessed to feeling much happier since the start of the Bible Study.

I currently have 8-12 people that actively come to The Redmond Bible study every Wednesday at 7pm. I have joined a leadership Bible study sponsored by one of the local churches here in College Station which specializes in teaching its members how to lead small groups.  So I invite everyone to keep The Redmond Bible Study in your prayers as we start another semester this Spring. I also ask for you to pray for me so that I may be an effective tool for God to use to help lead these men while they’re in college. Thank you.

The faith foundation we are establishing with our youth comes through strong leadership and  relationships that grow in the discipleship process.  We thank God for the glory and wonder of His work through our youth ministry and seek to strengthen this area of discipleship and growth in God's grace through the addition of a Jr. High Director of Student Discipleship this year.  

 To volunteer with or join our Student Discipleship at FUMC, please contact Trevor Kennedy.