Hope for a Closer Walk


This is a story about Lauren Sansing, of growing in God's grace with close spiritual friends.

This is published in The First Edition, December 2015 issue.



I first started going to “A Closer Walk” Sunday school class when my son, Neal, was a 6th grader.  The class was just starting the parenting series “Love and Logic.”  The series helped me to become a more calm and loving parent.  I was hooked on the class from that point.

 Nancy McKenzie and Margie Kunze started the class over 10 years ago.  They co-taught for several years.  Margie gave up teaching and Nancy became our full-time teacher.  Well, not so much a “teacher” than “guide.”  Her lessons were intended for us to learn about God, Jesus, the bible and the world from sharing, caring, and discussing with each other. And we laughed, a lot.  Sometimes there were tears, hugs, and always lots of prayers.  There was an amazing bond with everyone in the class.

 Later when I going through my divorce, the class - my friends and my strength - were there for me in so many ways.  Through the grace of a few class members, I had places to live until I could get back on my feet.  I still tear up from the love and support that was shared with me.  They helped me to recover in so many ways.

 Pastor Steve shared a sermon on stewardship in October about sharing the comfort we have received.  He was speaking to me, loud and clear.  Then, the video about Stephen Ministry came on.  There went my tears.  I knew I needed to give back and become a Stephen Minister.  I know it’s a huge commitment. Normally I’d give excuses about why I couldn’t make such a big commitment; but not this time.  God was clearly showing me the way to give back.  I can’t wait to get started with Stephen Ministry in January.

 I’ve written this with a lot of “past tense.” That’s because over the years our class dynamics have changed. We’ve become empty nesters, we’re traveling more, and a lot of us have moved out of the area.  We have now merged with another group on Sunday mornings, the Hope Class which consists of parents with younger children just like we were when we started.  Former A-Closer-Walk members hope to be of support to the younger families in our new group. Some of the younger members are Sunday school teachers for their 2-3 year olds, so a few of us older folks are joining the rotation to help with the kiddos.  This will give their parents a break to attend an adult class to feed their spiritual souls. (Pray for us older folks; it has been a while.)

Come join us in Rm 307 on Sundays at 9:45am, as we all continue walking our spiritual journey together as “A Hope for a Closer Walk.”  

Contact Class Leaders Nancy McKenzie or Dawn and Michael Mays for more information.