Flowers and Shawls


A story of our Prayer Shawl Ministry and our Flowers Ministry

Originally published in The First Edition, April 2015 Issue


Two opportunities are available to all groups and individuals within our congregation to offer care to our members and friends whose life journeys have become difficult.  We do not limit these special gifts of caring to members of the congregational care teams or the pastors.


 Many of you saw our feature video on the Flower Ministry last October.  If you weren’t here, you may click Our Stories to see it now.  Each Sunday, we enjoy seeing the beautiful altar arrangements that grace our sanctuary in honor or memory of special people in our lives. Some who have donated these special arrangements choose to have them broken down to smaller ones and placed in vases to be shared beyond our sanctuary.  On most Mondays, these smaller vases of flowers are available at the church office by about mid-morning.  These may be taken to members and friends in hospitals and care facilities or who are in their own homes.  They bear small cards which remind the recipients of God’s love and care for them.  It’s best to call the church office and ask about the availability of flowers.  All flower vases are delivered Mondays through Wednesdays.


 Prayer shawls are available for men, women and children.  Our talented group of crocheters, knitters and quilters pray over the shawls as they are making them.  They also say a special prayer over them  when they are completed.  They may then be picked up from the Congregational Care office, Room 218.  The recipient of the shawl does not need to be a part of our congregation.  They are symbols we use to share the love of God as part of our discipleship process.

In fact, through a relationship that developed in our transformative missions ministry at the Quail Valley neighborhood over the past year, a very talented crocheter joined our group to share her gift.  Even though she is not a member of our church, she is sharing her talent to bring care to others, in Jesus’ name through our church.  The shawls are presented with a card which describes the biblical significance of the prayer shawl and a blessing for the recipient. 




If you have questions about either of these opportunities, please contact Kathy Pena, Director of Congregational Care (512) 863-2370 ext. 223.