Facility Reservation Policy

First United Methodist Church

Policies subject to change with or without prior notification

Revised 2015



 The purpose of the Church facility use policy is to assure the availability, proper use, management, and maintenance of the facilities in keeping with the church’s purpose of “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”



 We recognize our church facility as the House of God and the household of faith. It is to be treated with dignity and respect and will be used primarily to accomplish the purposes of the church: Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Outreach and Service. The following procedures apply:

  •  A. A Facility Reservation Form (Appendix A) must be completed and submitted to the church office for all events other than regularly scheduled programming. 
  • B. Scheduled church activities and events will take precedence over other requests.
  • C. Use of the church facility for functions not directly related to the ministries of the church will be on a fee basis.
  • D. Calendar date for facility usage will not be approved and entered on the church calendar until required forms and fees are received.
  • E. Only rooms that have been reserved for use may be used. If additional rooms are used that were not reserved, additional fees will be charged.
  • F. For Saturday events, use fees will be charged from when doors are unlocked to the time they are locked. Because custodians are not typically scheduled to work Saturdays, additional custodial fees may apply. No event may go beyond 9 pm. If an event goes beyond 9 pm, additional use and custodial fees will be applied at 1-½ times the normal rate. 
  • G. For member use of classrooms, requestor will be responsible for arranging chairs and tables in the rooms and returning them back to way they were when event is over.
  • H. Deposits and fees are due in the church office 30 days prior to the event to ensure availability of the requested calendar date. The security deposit will be returned if there is no damage, missing equipment, excessive cleanup, etc.
  • I. Facilities may not be reserved on Holidays including: New Year’s Eve & Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Day, Holy Week, and Easter.
  • J. Posters and signs are to be placed on bulletin boards or other designated areas only.
  • K. No repairs, maintenance, modifications, construction, or renovation of church property and facilities are to be performed without the prior written consent of the Trustees.
  • L. Relocation of furniture, decorations, or equipment must be approved in advance by the Church Business Administrator.
  • M. All participants involved in activities and events on the church property must conduct themselves and their activities in a Christ-like manner.
  • N. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, weapons, and illegal drugs activities are not allowed on church property.
  • O. Helium-filled balloons are not permitted in the Sanctuary or the MMC gymnasium except in unusual circumstances as approved by the Senior Pastor or the Church Business Administrator.
  • P. All areas used by the requestor must be left neat and orderly per facility use agreement.
  • Q. A certificate of insurance listing the church as an additional insured may be required for some organizations using the facility. Such organizations will be contacted by the Church Business Administrator.
  • R. Unless the activity is sponsored by a ministry of the church, for-profit organizations will not be allowed the use of the church’s facilities.  Usage fees will be determined, on case by case, basis by the Church Business Administrator with approval from the trustees.


  • A. Use of church facilities for all events other than regularly scheduled church program activities will be arranged with the church office by completing a Facility Reservation Form (Appendix A). When approved, the activity will be placed on the church calendar.
  • B. The Facility Use/Rental Agreement (Appendix C) will be submitted for each reservation for church facilities. The individual (requestor) signing the Facility Use/Rental Agreement assumes responsibility for compliance with the Church facility use policies and procedures, and assumes responsibility for the facility when used outside the normal working hours, which includes security of the building, and turning lights and other equipment on and off.
  • C. Room setup diagram must be submitted with the Facility Reservation Form.
  • D. If needed, a key to the facility will be issued to the requestor. A fee will be charged for lost keys. See fee schedule.
  • E. The use of the church kitchen requires additional fees and procedures. Please refer to Section V below, and the supplemental kitchen packet for details.
  • F. Child care may be requested at additional cost and is based upon availability of workers. Please refer to childcare packet for more details. Childcare fees must be paid in advance of the event.
  • G. Additional policies and fees apply for weddings. Please refer to the separate Wedding brochure.



 (See Fee Schedule)

A. No Rental Fee Assessed

 Church or United Methodist denominational events and programs should be permitted use of church facilities without payment of a rental fee. Additional charges for custodial and other personnel may be assessed if such personnel's normal work schedule is altered to assist the activity.

                 Applies to:

  • 1. Church sponsored and regularly scheduled church programs and events.
  • 2. Local and district United Methodist churches.
  • 3. United Methodist national, state conference, and district events and programs.
  • 4. Church supported religious and community organizations.
  • 5. National, state, and local governmental elections.
  • 6. Church-affiliated organizations and groups whose use is approved by the staff.
  • 7. Funerals for church members and others approved by the Senior Pastor.
  • 8. Community and Georgetown Independent School District programs and events that are organized for the purpose of education or community service, where no fees are assessed nor donations requested of participants.

B. Church Membership Rate

Church members should be permitted access to the facilities of the church. Church Membership rate is designed to recover direct costs including utilities, restroom supplies, and custodial fees. Additional charges for custodial and other personnel may be assessed when such personnel's normal work schedule is altered to assist the activity.  Kitchen paper goods will not be provided by the church and are the responsibility of the person signing the Facility Use/Rental Agreement.

Applies to:

Church member meetings, birthday parties, receptions, weddings, dinners, etc., of a personal or family nature.


C. Non-Profit Organization Rate

This category applies to not-for-profit organizations and community groups. Additional charges for custodial and other personnel may be assessed when such personnel's normal work schedule is altered to assist the activity. This applies even if a member of the church is involved with the non-profit organization.

Applies to:

  • 1. Organizations and community groups sponsoring activities where instructors or supervisors receive payment for their involvement in the activity, and/or where fees are assessed or donations requested of participants and/or spectators.
  • 2. Not-for-profit Colleges and Universities offering classes and charging tuition.
  • 3. Non United Methodist church and religious organization programs and events.
  • 4. Homeowners associations.
  • 5. Community recreational groups.
  • 6. Area organizations sponsoring activities for adults, youth, and children.


D. Rate for All Others

  • 1. This category applies to all other individuals or organizations that do not fit in the above categories. Use fees will be determined by the Church Business Administrator and the Senior Pastor or his or her designee on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Trustees.
  • 2. Not-for-profit musical groups wanting the use of the Sanctuary or the MCMC main room and charge admission or donation fees will pay the church a 10% fee of all the receipts generated by the concert.


E. Refunds

  • 1. Use fees and deposits may be refunded provided the reservation has been cancelled far enough in advance that no costs have been incurred.
  • 2. Refund of deposits will be based on an inspection of the areas and equipment used by the requestor and performed by an appropriate church-appointed person.
  • 3. Excessive damage beyond the amount of the deposit will be billed to the requestor.  
  • 4. In the case of childcare fees: if no children arrive for care, a minimum fee will be assessed and the remainder if any will be refunded.
  • 5. Code violation penalties or other non-compliance fees that result from an event or activity will be deducted from the security deposit. Fees that exceed the deposit amount will be billed to the requestor.



A. General

Food service facilities include the kitchen areas in the Fellowship Hall, Atkins Learning Center, and McKinney Christian Ministry Center and are available to support church and non-church programs and events.

  • 1. Use of the church kitchens must be requested by completing a Facility Reservation Form.
  • 2. The Church Business Administrator will approve the food service provider for each event utilizing our kitchen facilities.
  • 3. Only individuals who have been properly trained may operate our kitchen equipment.  The Church Business Administrator or the Calendaring/Event Coordinator will coordinate the training with a qualified food service provider.
  • 4. Kitchen equipment and materials will not be removed from the kitchen or moved to the other kitchens without the permission of the Church Business Administrator or the Calendaring/Event Coordinator.
  • 5. Food and drinks may not be stored in cabinets, refrigerators, or freezers unless prior arrangements have been made with the Church Business Administrator or the Calendaring/Event Coordinator.


B. Church Wide and Ministry Events – No Rental Fee Assessed

Use of food service facilities in support of programs designated for the church body will be carried out under the direction of an approved caterer or ministry sponsoring the event.

  • 1. Wednesday Night Live meals preparation will be supervised by an approved designated food service provider. The cost of these meals will be set by the Adult Discipleship Team.
  • 2. Church banquets, meals, and etc., will be prepared by an approved caterer and is the responsibility of the ministry sponsoring the event. Such food services will  be no cost to the annual food service budget. Payment for these services will either be by sale of tickets or through Ministry budget allocations.
  • 3. For funerals and memorial services, when appropriate, a fellowship meal or reception may be provided by concerned family and friends. This meal or reception will be planned and carried out by the Reception Committee or an appropriate church small group(s) ministry, usually the individual’s Sunday school class.


C. Church Related Activities and Events Kitchen Use Requirements

  • 1. The use of the church kitchen(s) is the responsibility of the ministry sponsoring the event.
  • 2. Approved caterers must be employed to prepare and/or supervise the meal preparation and cleanup of the kitchen(s).
  • 3. If kitchen equipment or materials are used, a responsible individual must be designated. This individual will be held accountable for the cleanliness, security, and proper use of the kitchen and equipment.
  • 4. The individual, group, or organization using the kitchen will pay for all food service costs for personnel, food, refreshments, snacks, and disposable dinnerware, etc. unless the event is covered by the food service budget.
  • 5. The kitchen user is responsible for leaving it properly cleaned, sanitized, and organized. This  includes:
    • a. Clean and sanitize stove, countertops, sinks, etc.
    • b. Wash, sanitize, dry and put dishes, pots, and utensils back in proper place.
    • c. Clean all equipment and appliances used including griddle surface.
    • d. Remove leftover food, drink, etc.
    • e. Cleanup spills in kitchen.
    • f. Return all brooms, mops, cleaning supplies, etc. to the proper place.
    • g. Bag all garbage and take to dumpster.
    • h. Complete the Kitchen Checklist and return it to the church office.
    • i. Wash and dry towels, wash cloths, and aprons.
D. Non-Church Related, Contracted, or Catered Meals (see Fee Schedule)

In addition to above policies:

  • 1. The user will provide all hired or contracted personnel, food, drinks, condiments, paper products, and other consumable items. Hired or contracted food service providers must be approved by the Church Business Administrator in advance of the event.
  • 2. A certificate of insurance showing the church as an additional insured is required for outside organizations and contracted or catered meal preparers prior to the event.



Special Requests include rented amusements and equipment, outside signs and banners, and street closing and will require compliance with city code. 

  • A. A city event form and/or sign/banner request form is required and can be obtained from the church office or the City of Georgetown’s website.
  • B. Special requests must be made at least thirty days in advance of the event.
  • C. All facility fees, rental fees, inspections, permits, etc will be paid by the requestor at least thirty days prior to the event.
  • D. Rented amusements such as rides and inflatable devices require state licensing and registration, and proof of liability insurance coverage. 
  • E. Rented equipment must be handled and operated by properly trained personnel.
  • F. Tents, depending on size, may require a fire safety inspection.
  • G. A permit for signs and banners is required and a fee may be required. There may only be one sign per street address. For additional details contact the Church Business Administrator.
  • H. Street closing must be requested and approved by the city thirty days prior to the event.

To reserve our facilities, please contact the Church Office at 512.863.2370 after completing this form