We are building a library of reference material to help you as you continue to grow in God's grace through study of the bible and scriptures.  


Why The Bible Is So Hard To Understand by Dr. Steve Langford

This is a three-part series that Dr. Steve Langford developed, to give people a basic understanding of what they will find as they delve into the Bible and bible study.  The recording was done during three Sunday School class presentations of the content and is now available to you here online.  The book itself is also now available at the church office for $10 or on Amazon and Barnes & Noble




Just Mercy by by Bryan Stevenson
An engaging and well written documentation of our broken criminal justice system and how it affects people’s lives.  It’s a tough subject to think about but Stevenson guides the reader with honesty and compassion.  A discussion guide is available for those who are reading the book as a group and seek further discussion on these tough topics.