Still looking for important details?  You can find out what's happening and check out our facilities online.  If you missed us on Sunday or would like to revisit a recent sermon, please visit our Media page. We also provide critical policies and forms here to help you out.



Our calendar includes churchwide events as well as those specific to our Adult Ministries, Student Ministries and Children & Preteen Ministries.



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This subscription also includes Weekly Edition announcements on Tuesdays which are quicker reads to simply remind you of what's going on at First United Methodist Church.  If there is a time-sensitive announcement upon the death of a member, we may send a stand-alone message in order to provide important information about funeral or memorial services.

You will also receive a Sermon announcement on Friday, with a reference to our scripture for the week.

An archive of our electronic communications is found here.


First United Methodist Church uses an online membership directory called Realm®.  It makes it easy for our church family to connect with each other, keep up to date with events, provide a pictorial directory, and make the most of ministry whenever it happens…as we live out God’s love throughout the week. 

Members will receive an email invitation to join REALM. Use the following steps to get started in REALM:

  • Open the email invitation.
  • Copy and paste the link from the email invitation into a web browser to create an account. The link will take you to a page to register. (Please note, REALM is not compatible with Internet Explorer. You must use Google, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Create a password. Follow the guide for creating a strong password. You will need this password to sign in to REALM every time.
  • Click “I’m not a robot.”
  • Click “Register.”
  • Instructions for activating your account will be sent to your email. The subject line of the email will say “Email Verification.” Please check your junk mail file just in case.
  • Open the activation email.
  • Click the link to verify your email and complete your registration. The link will take you to a sign in page.
  • Enter your email and the password you created to sign in.
  • You will be asked to verify your birthday. Enter your birth month and year. Click “Verify Me.”
  • Congratulations! You are now part of the REALM database.

Visit us on Vimeo and YouTube where we maintain a collection of ministry stories.