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Pathways to Generosity is the title for this year’s generosity initiative for our 2024 ministry budget. Pathways to Generosity encourages giving from a grateful heart as we partner in work that changes people’s lives. Our campaign will not focus on finding funds for the budget. Instead, using The Giving Path as a model, Pathways to Generosity invites people to move along the path as they grow in their giving and deepen their faith. Based on biblical principles, each of us will be invited to pray, “God, where do You want me in my giving?” as we seek to grow in our life of discipleship.


In the coming weeks you will be invited to go on a journey of discovery and prayer. We will all read the devotional book, Practicing Extravagant Generosity as we are challenged to examine generosity from a biblical perspective. We will hear giving stories from people who are in different places along The Giving Path and learn how they have come to understand giving as an expression of their faith.


When we take a step along the Giving Path, we move forward in our spiritual journeys and deepening our relationship with God. Here is our illustration of The Giving Path.

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How much should you give? That’s between you and God. Prayer should be the focus as you seek the answer to this question: “God, where do You want me in my giving?” Thank you all for your continued commitment to our work sharing God’s love with each other and this community. First United Methodist Georgetown has many exciting opportunities ahead for us and I’m so grateful to be here with you. 


Grace and peace,
Pastor Alan

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