Our pastors and lay pastoral staff are immersed in the joys and concerns of our congregation.  Our homebound, those in hospitals, nursing home as well as other care facilities may be visited by our pastors and lay staff when they are unable to participate in Sunday worship on campus or in the small groups throughout our ministry areas. 



The spiritual discipline of prayer is a critical aspect of our intentional relationship with God.  Knowing we are Claimed in His grace,  we seek to worship and pray as we nurture our spiritual relationship each day.  There are many ways in which we offer up prayer or prayer support for any who seek it.  We take prayer requests to our pastoral staff and prayer teams and in addition to our sanctuary, we have sacred spaces of prayer here at church for those seeking a quiet, contemplative meditation.


Congregational Care is charged with being present to those of our membership who are no longer able to be active on our campus.  We identify them through our Sunday school classes, friends and family.  Many of those identified members go on to become recipients of the Lay Pastoral Care Team’s ministry.  

Our pastors and lay pastoral staff visit members and friends who are homebound  as well as those in hospital and nursing care facilities.  We pray with members and their families as they face surgeries and other procedures.  We visit many of the independent living and assisted living communities.  We visit with our members who are facing long weeks of rehabilitation .  Homebound communion is also available to them.