We have many stories of God's grace here at First United Methodist Church.  We hope to share His abundant love and generous spirit through these stories of our ministries and our lives.

What About Worship
FirstUMCGeorgetown |
08/06/2015 |
This is a story of how worship and prayer moves us into action. Our Jr. High Mission team experienced God's grace filling them during a challenge in Mineral Wells, Tx this past summer.
God's Love in Action
FirstUMCGeorgetown |
05/21/2015 |
This is an invitation to share your gifts and love for God by helping children grow in God's grace - this summer at vacation bible school.
FirstUMCGeorgetown |
04/23/2015 |
This is the story of God's presence through prayer and the comfort of our prayershawl ministry. Wrapping us in God's Grace.
Easter Eggs and Neighbors
FirstUMCGeorgetown |
03/26/2015 |
This is the story of how our annual community Easter Egg Hunt has become an important aspect of making disciples at First United Methodist Church, Georgetown.
Generosity 2014
FirstUMCGeorgetown |
01/20/2015 |
This is the story of God's abundant grace at First United Methodist Church in 2014. He has led us and loved us so that we have seen his grace in our lives and in the things we do each day through our ministries and our relationships.