Stop, Think and Act!


A story about Academy Sunday School - the Legos class

Published in The First Edition, July 2015 Issue


The Legos class in our Academy Sunday School continues to inspire our children to demonstrate the lessons they are learning about Jesus and the Bible through lego-building activities.  During a lesson to Stop, Think and Act like Jesus, Robert Weaver came up with the idea of using a Traffic Light to illustrate the lesson.  We stop with a red light.  We slow down to think with a yellow light and we act with a green light.  The palm leaves in the picture reflect God's love enfolding us when we do these things and live like Jesus taught us to live.  It should not be surprising that these popular building blocks offer an engaging approach to building the Bible and growing in God's grace.  That is His transforming power.


For more information about our Academy Sunday School curriculum, please contact Dotty Culig, Director of Children's Ministry or visit the Children's Ministry here.