Sewing with Ruth


A personal story of Discipleship and sharing God's grace

Originally published in The First Edition - March 2015 Issue


“I like to sew,” says Ruth Way.  

And oh, how she has found a way to use this gift in a caring ministry.  Ruth is a member of Faith Circle, one of our groups of United Methodist Women here at First United Methodist Church.  She has been a member for many years and she loves gardening and sewing.  

Ruth learned from Sister Mary Kennedy in Honduras, that many young mothers do not have the means to clothe their babies and do not even have enough money for diapers.  Ruth serves at The Caring Place here in Georgetown and when they are unable to sell their white, or light colored flannel sheets they often give them to Ruth.  Guess what she does with them?  Yes, she makes diapers for those tiny baby bottoms and sends them to Honduras. 

Ruth is also known as “the bag lady.” What on earth does that mean? Well, she sews bags for Days for Girls International.  Ruth’s United Methodist Women circle supports this mission through monetary donations.  However, there is also a real need for quality seamstresses who can sew – and not many people know how to do that these days. 


Days for Girls International provides sustainable feminine hygiene products for girls in 76 countries across 7 continents.  Their mission is to create a more dignified, free and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions.  How on earth does that happen?  In many countries, girls who are having their menstrual period are forced by circumstances to stay home from school, losing time in their education and often using unhygienic means to address this monthly experience.  Days for Girls International believes that helping these young girls stay in school will eventually break the poverty cycle.  So Ruth sews for a couple of hours every day, making 50 bags a month, to help girls around the world stay in school.  

For the last four years, the local Georgetown chapter of Days for Girls International has met once a month to assemble kits which are housed in the kinds of bags Ruth makes.  Jean Davis leads this chapter of helpers from Round Rock, Cedar Park, Marble Falls, Waco and of course Georgetown.  She shared how this ministry is impacting girls around the world at the United Methodist Women’s 2014 Christmas Luncheon last December.  Last year, 997 kits were given to girls in Haiti, African countries, Honduras and Sri Lanka.  In 2015 to date, they have sent 200 to Haiti and 250 to Africa.   


“I like to sew.  It’s therapy for me.  You can forget any troubles you have when you are sewing!”  While it is a wonderful way for Ruth to relax and nurture herself, it is a wonderful use of her talent that meets very essential needs in families and young girls across the world.  That’s God’s grace working through Ruth in a very generous way.  And that’s a discipleship that can help transform the world.



For more information about Days for Girls International, please contact Ruth Way, Faith Circle at 512.869.6507 or Jean Davis at 507.269.4437.