No Dishwashing Required!


A story about The Volunteer Service League

Originally published in The First Edition - Jan 6, 2015 Issue, Cover Story


For 46 years, a small group of ladies in our church has served the Rotary Club their noon meeting meal, earning valuable funds for our church in their discipleship of sharing in God’s grace.  In all these years, the gifts to the physical fabric of our old church have been great indeed as every cent earned goes directly to the upkeep and/or refurbishing needed here.  Recently, they have helped repair our historic 100yr + organ, replaced the flooring in the choir room and restored the stained glass windows.  They welcome any lady who would enjoy helping set up tables, sharing fellowship and a nice meal as a team while the Rotarians are meeting and cleaning the tables after the Rotary Club meeting.  It is a commitment of 2-3 hours once a month, at the MCMC around the lunch hour on a Friday.  If you are interested, please contact Nell Benold at 512.863-3103 to learn more about this faithful ministry at our church.  No dish-washing or cooking involved!