Josie's House


A story about our UMCOR ERT team by Larry Baird

Published in The First Edition, August 2015 Issue


Members of our UMCOR Early Response Team (ERT)led by Larry Baird and including Ken Browning, Don Paull, Joyce Russell and Ron Swain had the opportunity to assist in the cleanup of a storm-damaged house in Taylor last month on July 1.  


“I have always felt led by God to serve, and participating in Pastor Steve's Gifts and Graces Workshop has confirmed mission work as one of my spiritual gifts,” says Joyce.  “Seeing the deplorable condition of the Taylor home and wondering how this family could live there was heartbreaking. It spurs me on to help where I can to make the situation better for the family ‘Here I am Lord, is it I Lord? I have heard You calling in the night. I will go Lord, if You lead me.’  While the five of us made only a small dent in the restoration of this house for Josie, I felt she was appreciative.  She now knows that people care, and other UMCOR Teams will be right behind us to complete what we started. I thank God for this opportunity He gave me and my friends to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors.”


Josie has lived in her home for 19 years and had to move in with her daughter temporarily because of the water damage to her home.  


Work included removal of sheet rock on the exterior wall of one room and the ceiling of another room. The team also attached tarps to the outside of the house to prevent further water damage.   Our ERT team was one of many who were contributing their gifts and time to help refurbish Josie’s home to a condition where she can move back in soon. 

Sharing our gifts and talents and caring enough to join a team where our talents can be used  are important aspects of our discipleship process.  We are blessed with many people here at First United Methodist Church, Georgetown who demonstrate these actions in their discipleship path. Generosity is a way of sharing God's grace.

The UMCOR ERT members go through a specific one-day training to learn how to assist people after a natural disaster, to stabilize to prevent further damage, and to provide this assistance in a caring, Christian way.  For more information about this area of service, please contact Larry Baird at 512.863.3120.