A story of Discipleship and Growing in God's Grace

Originally published in The First Edition, June 2015 Issue


Terry France has been a member of the Friendship Class since 2006.  This is a large “small group” of friends ages 64-85 with over 100 members!   They meet each Sunday morning for study of the bible as they grow in their discipleship.  Over the years, many talented teachers have been members of this class.  These facilitators have been very knowledgeable about the Bible and during their studies, they have also discussed contemporary issues and how they impact or are impacted by the scriptures in their lessons.  This has really helped to nurture their growth and they have become even more Bible-based in their studies recently. 

 Some of Terry’s closest friends are people she met in her Sunday School class so it has been a great way for her to find some consistent interaction with Christian friends.  She is one of those people who find growth by being involved in various ministries.  By serving as an usher, a  classroom tutor at Williams Elementary School, with Meals on Wheels, representing her Sunday School class for bereavement receptions or WNL serving opportunities, Terry experiences a self-nurturing that helps her to study and learn more about God’s grace.  An important step in her spiritual growth was her Emmaus journey.  Through this experience, Terry gained confidence in herself to pray with others which led to her service in Lay Pastoral Care.  She has received blessings upon blessings from those with whom she has prayed and she continues to seek ways to serve others.

 Being a disciple includes these many ways of study, sharing and an intentional relationship with God that Terry is experiencing.  She continues to grow through all of these and finds herself able to share her faith with others through God’s grace.


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