A Closer Family

This is a story of  the Elston family and their Student Discipleship experience, as told by Kyla Elston.

This is published in The First Edition, February 2016.


This fall our senior high boys’ small group decided to do a fantasy football league as a way to build camaraderie outside of their regular meeting time, a shared experience for everyone in the group. While it was meant simply to be something fun to do, God used this experience to bring a family closer together. This is a story sent in by Kyla Elston, a parent of three students in our ministry, two of whom participated in the fantasy league.

"Greg has always been an avid football fan. Any game. Any time. I know when we had sons he hoped one of them would play. 

When the kids were younger, Greg would always try to get them to watch games with him.  It just didn't really ever "stick" with them. Eventually, Greg stopped trying and just accepted the fact that the boys were just not going to be interested in watching football with him.”
This year, that all changed. When the boys came home talking about their fantasy football league, they went straight to Dad to figure out their strategy. From start to finish, that was how it went all season long. It gave the boys something to share with their dad and each other. Many Sunday night dinners this fall were spent discussing the day's plays and who finished where and who was left to play. In fact, midway through the season Sarah proposed that next year our family should do its own fantasy league! 
This was a great opportunity for our family to grow closer over a simple shared enthusiasm for a little fun competition. Anything that brings a family closer is always a win. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time with the boys and engaging them in the group. Who knew fantasy football could bring the teenage boys to the dinner table!"
It is incredible the way God can use the simplest of things to transform lives. In this case he brought a family closer together, allowing a graduating senior and his dad to bond closer during his last year in high school. Greg’s football expertise must have really helped Cole and Connor because it was an Elston Championship game that won the fantasy league!  Thanks be to God!
Our Student Discipleship ministry continually creates new ways to engage the students and be a part of their lives.  Building relationships beyond the regular “meetings” through interactions like the Fantasy Football league is an intense commitment and it is one of the reasons our stewardship emphasis for 2016 has focused on the need for a Director of Junior High Discipleship.   We seek more leaders who can spend time with our students to build relationships that help transform lives for Jesus Christ.  To learn more about our student ministry, please contact  Trevor Kennedy, Director of Student Discipleship.