Steve Langford

Senior Pastor

Our senior pastor is Dr. Steve Langford, an elder in full connection in the Central Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church. Pastor Steve has over 40 years in pastoral ministry and over 20 years as an elder in The UMC. He was appointed to First UMC in June of 2010. Previously, he served as senior pastor of St. John the Apostle UMC in Arlington, and Cogdell UMC in Waco. His first appointment in The UMC was at FUMC, Round Rock, as Associate Pastor and Director of Lay Ministries. Pastor Steve identifies himself as a teacher with a passion for spiritual formation. This self-understanding is reflected in his biblically-based approach to preaching. His stated objective for every sermon is to help the listeners understand the spiritual truth communicated in the text for the day and how that truth applies to their life and growth as a follower of Jesus. Understanding the spiritual truth of a text involves “unwrapping” the text from its historical and cultural context to identify God’s word for the people in that setting. That “unwrapping” piece of the sermon is rooted in a lifetime of biblical study augmented by three theological degrees (an undergraduate degree that majored in New Testament Greek and Theology, a master’s degree that focused on the Greek New Testament and a Doctor of Ministry degree that focused upon studies in the Hebrew scriptures) as well as on-going studies. (Pastor Steve jokingly identifies himself as a professional student.) In addition to preaching, Pastor Steve’s teaching orientation is expressed in biblical studies that he leads periodically each semester. Central to Pastor Steve’s preaching and teaching is the theme of grace – God’s grace for us expressed in Jesus and the grace-filled life which the Spirit nurtures within us. Grace speaks of what God has done to which we respond. It stands in contrast to the if … then, conditional way of thinking and living that is inherent to the human condition. Pastor Steve’s leadership centers around our discipleship purpose and our discipleship process. That purpose and process shape all that we do in our life together. His leadership emphasizes the multiplication of ministry through the development and empowering of other leaders. That emphasis is reflected in the professional Discipleship Team that he and SPR have put together. Each member of the Discipleship Team is responsible for providing leadership in their ministry area, guiding the participants in that ministry area in the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Each Discipleship Team member is also responsible for developing and empowering leaders within their ministry areas. Pastor Steve’s emphasis upon leadership development is also reflected in the lay leadership teams with and through whom Pastor Steve works: the CORE Leadership Team, the Administrative Council, and the administrative teams prescribed by The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church: Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPR), Finance Team, Trustees. Pastor Steve also leads a series of leadership training workshops designed to foster a leadership culture in the local church: Servant Leadership – Developing a Leadership Culture at First UMC by Developing Servant Leaders. Pastor Steve is married to Etta, a retired elementary school teacher, reading specialist, and artist. They have three grown sons: Josh, Jon and his wife Linda, and Justin. They delight to be grandparents to Damon, Lily, Scarlett, and Axel – all of whom live within this area.



Yvonne Coon

Executive Pastor

Pastor Yvonne joined our pastoral staff in June 2011 and currently serves as Executive Pastor for First UMC. In this role, she guides the Discipleship team in strategic planning and collaboration. She also serves as the lead pastor for our contemporary worship community. Yvonne received her Master of Divinity from Brite Divinity School (TCU) in 2008 and was ordained an elder in the United Methodist Church in 2011. However, she will tell you, “I never wanted to be a pastor.” With encouragement from a friend, she enrolled in seminary (Brite Divinity School, TCU) with great plans to be a teacher! (World religions and ethics) But in spite of herself, her personal journey and experiences in seminary led her closer to exploring the idea that God might be calling her to ordained ministry. By the time she understood and accepted this calling, she was serving with a great group of mentors and friends at Keller UMC who offered support and encouragement. She is not your typical pastor. By that, she does not fit her own outdated expectations of what a pastor ought to be or do. Her life has not been perfect. But, she continues to live as God has called her to be -- as His beloved child – and she trusts in God’s grace to help her with the not so great parts of who she is. God has walked with her through some pretty dark valleys, sometimes kicking and screaming, but always in ways that result in unimaginable growth. Out of these valleys grew a priceless gift of caring for others. One of her strengths is the comfort she brings through pastoral care. Through her various clergy appointments she has always been responsible for pastoral care. Yvonne’s gift of sharing her story and God’s grace in a personal way comes through when she preaches as well. She speaks as she would to each of her congregation individually and the courage and love God has given her comes through for each. She is a visionary realist and a caring nurturing soul behind a cheerful smile that helps you get back on track. One of the bright mountain-top experiences of her life has been – and continues to be—the gift of motherhood. She has two boys (men, now!) and recently, married the most incredible man who appreciates her quirky sense of humor and loves to laugh as much as she does. Along with him, she also received two more boys (soon to be men!) and can only say that life is good and full and joyful! To offset the abundant male influence at home, she has a female schnauzer/terrier mix who makes sure that they go walking regularly and a senior calico cat who could care less what is happening as long as there is food in her dish. Still reading? If you want to know more, her office door is usually open even though the lights are generally off (she does have lamps and windows but enjoys low lighting) – she’d love to get to know you, too!



Ron Swain

Director, Transformative Missions

Ron joined the Discipleship Team in March 2014 as Director of Transformative Mission Ministries, which is grounded in the Great Commandment, “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart … and Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:36 – 40). Previously, he had an extensive career in higher education administration, most recently as Senior Advisor to the President at Southwestern University. In this position, he was responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the University’s strategic plan and supervising institutional research. In addition, he was engaged in numerous civic and nonprofit organizations in Georgetown, including: the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, the City’s Economic Development Commission, The Georgetown Project, Habitat for Humanity, the Rotary Club of Georgetown and the Williamson County Institute for Performance Excellence in Nonprofits. Ron’s passion for human development, organizational performance and community service have been reignited by his reading of Toxic Charity and When Helping Hurts. His thinking about Christian Community Development has been enhanced by site visits to Mission Waco, Mission Houston and participating in the Texas Christian Community Development Conference. Ron has also been inspired by the current work of the Texas Methodist Foundation and especially the writings of Gil Rendle. As a follower of Jesus Christ, Ron aspires to become as a servant-leader. Ron is married to Chrystle and for fun they enjoy Friday nights at the movies.



Dotty Culig

Director, Children's Ministries

Dotty has been a member of First United Methodist Church since 1977 and during those years she served in many lay leadership positions. She joined the FUMC staff in April 2007. She draws on her prior experience from her teaching career that included positions at the Learning Tree, Georgetown ISD, and Southwestern University to provide leadership for an educational ministry that nurtures children’s growth in God’s grace through developmentally appropriate experiences and activities. When she is not reading a good book on her Kindle, she enjoys yoga, hiking, biking, traveling with her husband, and spending time with her friends and family, especially her three amazing grandchildren.



Julie Haislip

Associate Director, Children's Ministries

Julie joined the FUMC staff as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator in August of 2014. She also joined The Learning Tree staff as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at the same time. Julie has taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, and Children’s Sunday School. Prior to joining the FUMC staff, she served as a member of the Children’s Ministry team while helping coordinate various children’s programs throughout the year. Julie has a wonderful husband and 2 fabulous children. She enjoys teaching children’s yoga, cooking and reading. But most importantly she loves spending time with her family.



Kenny Bray

Director of Student Ministries

Kenny, along with Debbie, his wife of 20 years, and their two sons, Ethan (16) and Adam (13), have been members of FUMC since 2001. Kenny has been active as a volunteer with the youth for some time now, going on mission trips, participating in youth activities and leading a small group Bible Study of Jr. High boys. He is currently serving on the 2016 Vision team. He recently sold his coffee and catering business of almost 25 years to follow his heart and pursue a calling in full-time youth ministry. In his spare time, he enjoys shuttling boys to soccer events and vacationing with his family in National Parks (he’ll visit his 15th this summer in Glacier). He’s extremely excited about this new adventure, loves this church, and has a true admiration for Trevor and all the other amazing members of the Ministry Team.



Trevor Kennedy

Interim Director of Connecting Ministries

Trevor joined the Discipleship Team in June 2012 after serving as a Student Ministries’ Intern his last two years as a student at Southwestern University. He is a certified candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church, where he is discerning a call for New Church Start ministry. When he is not at his favorite coffee shop writing emails, papers for seminary, or reading, Trevor enjoys spending time cooking with his wife, Danielle, attending Texas Country concerts, and following Texas high school football. Every Fall, he anxiously anticipates the kickoff of the college football season and holds out hope that Notre Dame will still be in the National Championship conversation in November.



Bruce Schrott

Director, Adult Discipleship

Bruce was born and raised on the Kansas prairies and attended Kansas State University where he earned his degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked 30 years for The Dow Chemical Company until he retired in 2008. During his working career he actively volunteered in Christian Education as a teacher and work area coordinator while also attending numerous Conference workshops and continuing education courses at Perkins School of Theology. Following retirement he trained as a Church Leadership Coach and currently facilitates Laity Leadership Development workshops under the Healthy Church Initiative for the Central Texas Conference. In other words, while Bruce was working at Dow, God was making new plans for him! When not at work you will find Bruce spending time with his grandchildren, playing with his trains or reading and studying Wesleyan history and theology or early Christian history and thought. Bruce and his wife, Peggy, settled in Georgetown in 2012. Their son, Michael, and spouse, Jennifer, live in Round Rock with their two children, Krystal, and Joshua. Their daughter, Claire, lives in Boston.



Kathy Pena

Director, Congregational Care

Kathy joined the discipleship team in July 2013 as Director of Congregational Care. Her previous life included 30 years teaching in public education in 3 states and for 7 school districts in addition to living in a parsonage as wife to a United Methodist pastor. When approached about considering the position she was asked, “Is congregational care your passion?” She had never thought of that question before since taking home-made bread and freshly prepared soup to people who were shut-in or ill had always been part of what she did. She had also been a Stephen Minister, realizing the value of being someone who could “walk through a difficult time” with another. After moving to Georgetown in 2010 she had become a volunteer in our PALS respite ministry and a tutor in our after-school ministry. She sings in the choir, spends time working on spiritual formation, swims regularly, does oil painting with palette knife, and still bakes home-made bread. Her daughter Kirsten lives in Georgetown with her husband Jery and her son Jody lives in Austin with his wife Abbey.



Garth Olson

Director of Worship Arts

Garth comes to us with both formal musical training and over 20 years of experience in church music and worship. He has distinguished himself as an innovative worship arts director and worship leader, a talented solo pianist, an engaging choral director, and an integral piece of both small and large instrumental ensembles. He has directed musical groups in the church, academe, and theatre. Garth is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science that comprises a double major: in music with an emphasis in piano/composition and in business with an emphasis in finance. He has also studied at St. Stephen’s University in New Brunswick, British Columbia, where he earned a Certificate in Worship Leadership Studies. Garth served as legal administrator for law firms in Montana, Idaho, and Washington State; living out his passion for sacred music in part-time roles in the church. He has been serving full time since 2011. In his past positions, he has a reputation as a strong, collaborative leader who builds choral and instrumental ensembles while enriching worship with his creativity and dynamic personality. He is also a composer and arranger. For more information about Garth, go to Garth is recently married to Mary Lou, who is the Senior Director of Administration at law firm, which is just coincidentally how they met at a legal administrator association holiday function. She helps balance him out with his humor and random movie quotes. In addition to Mary Lou, he received her son, Carl. The Olsons are blessed and thankful to be part of church community of First Church.



Kevin Gregory

Assistant Director of Student Ministries

Kevin joined the discipleship team in August of 2013 as an intern and started in October 2016 as the Assistant Director of Student Ministries. Kevin is a senior at Southwestern University currently majoring in Religious Studies with minors in History and Mathematics. When Kevin graduates, he plans to attend seminary. Kevin is a certified candidate for ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church hoping to be ordained as an elder. When Kevin is not at church, he enjoys all things superhero related whether they are movies, TV shows, and comic books (his favorite hero is Batman).



Chris Baker

Church Business Administrator

Chris Baker joined the Discipleship Team in October 2015. She previously served as a Business Manager for a downtown Austin church for 18 years. She enjoys serving and participating in church ministry and welcomes the variety and challenges of the position. Chris is married to Rick and has two teenage boys, Brian and Zachary. When they aren’t involved in family activities they spend time together with their three dogs, Rosie, Bonnie, and Clyde.



Tiffany Gibson

Director of Communications

Tiffany Gibson has joined the Discipleship Team as Director of Communications. Previously she worked in educational publishing as both a writer and editor. She is thrilled with the opportunity to bring her knowledge and experience to the Communications team at FUMC. Prior to joining the FUMC staff, Tiffany has volunteered in many areas of the church including VBS, the community garden, the Children’s Ministry Team, and the ESL ministry. Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family which includes her husband, Kevin Gibson, and two wonderful children, Max (13), and Ainsley (10). She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, running, and attempting to play golf.